Hello, my name is Ofer Peled and I'm a woodwinds recording and performing artist. for the last 20 years I recording for songs, films soundtracks, theatre shows and television.
I can offer you a premium remote session service on the following instruments:
soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, clarinet, silver flute, Indian bansuri, Bulgarian kavall, Turkish kavall, Turkish nay, Arabic nay, Kawalla, penny whistle, African flutes and Brazilian piffano, and I'm well skilled on a variety of genres such as classical, jazz, R&B, funk, Brazilian, latin, Balkan, Arabic, Turkish and Indian music.

so if you need any woodwind tracks for your project please contact me and send me your audio files.
I can either read down music notes if you have some, or play it by ear, and If you don't have an exact part on your mind it's o.k., i'll be glad to add my creativity to your project, or even write a whole woodwinds arrangement.

We'll work together to ensure you receive precisely what you need for your project.

woodwinds remote recording image